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Accessories include :

Range of Handpieces

"Soft Scan +R" Scanner


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MCO25plus CO2 Laser

MCO25plus Surgical CO2 Laser System

A 25W CW (11W Superpulse Mode) CO2 Laser at 10.6um for applications in Otorhinolaryngology, Gynecology, Dermatology, Aesthetic surgery, General Surgery, Proctology and Neurosurgery.

> Novel, futuristic design with microprocessor control.
> Easy-moving beam delivery system with excellent beam characteristics.
> Versatile, user-oriented operating modes such as ultra-short single pulses, superpulse mode and cycle mode.
> Reliable beam guidance with minimal spot sizes & high power densities.
> Five program storage locations for saving user-defined parameter sets.
> Integrated, programmable “Soft Scan plus R” scanner for multi-disciplinary use in conjunction with different handpieces and micromanipulators.
> Special LineScan function for robotic vocal cord surgery.
> Micro scan patterns for laser-assisted stapedial surgery.
> Micromanipulator Micro Point with minimal spot size of 0.10 mm and highest power densities.
> Ability to select and turn scan patterns directly via the Micro Point micromanipulator.
> Comprehensive range of accessories for numerous medical fields.