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Advantages of the Lynton Laser Rental Service:

No capital outlay for equipment

No long procurement processes

No annual service contracts

Systems left on-site for immediate use

State-of-the-art, CE-marked laser systems

Accessories & consumables available

Specialist instrument-ation available

Protective eyewear supplied

Safety signs provided

Equipment Service Records available

Treatment Protocols available

Operational & Safety Training provided

Application Specialist initially available

Certificated LPA Service available

Large Team of Service back-up staff

UK-based Manufacturer of Laser Systems

ISO9001, ISO13485 & IiP certified company

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Lynton have operated a laser rental and/or laser hire service to customers in NHS and Private Hospitals (as well as private salons and clinics) since the company was founded in 1994 – that makes us the largest supplier of rental laser (and other light-based) systems in the UK.

Renting or hiring our laser or light-based systems allows surgeons to treat their patients in their own NHS or Private hospital departments whenever is convenient to themselves and their hospital managers without high initial set up costs or the need to go through extensive capital equipment procurement processes.

A further advantage of renting a laser from Lynton is that it affords the surgeon and his or her staff the opportunity to fully familiarise themselves with a particular system before taking up the option to purchase the system, should that be the preferred procurement route of the hospital in question.

Another advantage not to be overlooked is that the rental option allows the NHS or Private Hospital to ensure that their laser equipment is always state-of-the-art without the need for repeated capital equipment purchases, thereby providing their patients with the best possible treatment modalities at all times.

The Lynton Laser Rental Service can provide you with the laser you need for:



Fully serviced state-or-the-art laser systems, including the following:

All necessary safety equipment including:


Initial meetings with all interested parties (Consultants, Managers & Theatre Staff) which can cover the following areas:

Laser Operational Training for relevant theatre staff.
Basic laser safety training for relevant theatre staff.
Specialised “Core of Knowledge” Training for relevant Theatre Staff.
Sponsored Mentoring programs for consultants and surgeons (where relevant, e.g. HoLEP).


At the beginning of a rental period a Certified Application Specialist will be provided for an agreed number of lists to ensure that all relevant theatre staff (including consultants and surgeons) are confident with the use of the laser and associated equipment, and are fully aware of all safety concerns.



The correct laser for your cases, all the necessary consumables and laser accessories, other surgical instrumentation required, any necessary safety equipment and all the operational and safety training that your theatre staff will require.


A suitable mains socket. In the vast majority of cases this will just be a standard domestic 13A socket, but for certain high average power laser systems a dedicated 16A or 32A mains socket may be required. In certain cases the hospital may also be required to put in place local administrative systems, such as the appointment or provision of a Laser Safety Officer.  


Lasers can be rented on a sessional (daily or weekly) basis - or why not take advantage of Lynton's unique 12 month rental option, where the laser remains permanently on site.  The 12 month rental agreement also includes options to purchase, including a rental refund.  Bespoke rental packages are available on request. Contact us for help and to ask about our flexible pricing schemes.