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Accessories include :

Diomax Catheters
Range of Fibres, Catheters & needles, plus complete "Procedure Kits"

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DIOMAX Diode Laser

DIOMAX 1550 Surgical Diode Laser System

A 15W fibre-delivered Diode Laser System operating at 1550nm, a wavelength particularly suitable for Endovenous Laser Therapy (ELT), especially when used in conjunction with the same manufacturer's VENEX Sphere or VENEX 360 fibres (bare fibres are also available). The DIOMAX 1550 is very easy to use desktop system, but can also be supplied with a suitable cart (as shown on the left). Competitively priced Procedure Kits are available, as well as a suitable Ultrasound System, if required (further details available on request).

> 1550nm wavelength for optimum transmission to, and then absorption in, the vein wall.
> Easy, straightforward handling.
> Large color display for perfect parameter overview even in darkened treatment rooms or operating theatres.
> 50 memory locations for standardized treatment programs.
> Wide range of fibre options (VENEX Sphere, VENEX 360 and Bare fibres in various diameters).