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Accessories include :

Diomax Handpieces
Range of Handpieces

Diomax Catheters
Range of Catheters

Diomax Fibre Holders
Range of Fibre Holders

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DIOMAX Diode Laser

DIOMAX Surgical Diode Laser System

A 20W fibre-delivered Diode Laser System operating at 980nm offering a wide range of applications suitable for anything from outpatient practices to endoscopic hightech operating rooms. The Diomax® is very easy to use and puts you in control of a laser beam with physical properties that satisfy the highest demands. This makes it a true all-rounder for state-of-the-art surgery.

> 980-nm wavelength for high absorption in melanin, hemoglobin and water
> Easy, straightforward handling.
> Large color display for perfect parameter overview even in darkened operating theatres.
> Top-notch beam quality for precise cutting.
> 50 memory locations for standardized treatment programs.
> Comprehensive range of application accessories for open surgery as well as endoscopic and endoluminal interventions.

Laser beam quality marks a crucial area where the Diomax® sets new standards. With a numerical aperture of 0.22 – the “quality characteristic” for laser radiation – the Diomax® offers a beam quality previously available only with solid-state lasers.